Sacred Band

A blessed brotherhood, we are a Sacred Band, an LGBTQIA FC working towards the common goals of progression, self-expression, and freedom!

Sacred Band FC on Faerie server is proud to be partnering with LGBTQ FC to co-sponsor 2019 Faerie Pride Celebration! We are one week away from the start of the festivities. It is not too late to get involved. If your FC is interested in donating or joining in on the activities, please let us know!

FFXIV is returning to Paris for Japan Expo! ShadowBringers will be on full display at the Paris Japan Expo from July 4, 2019 to July 7, 2019. Attendees will have the opportunity to take on Yojimbo and Titania in two different fights, Yoshi-P will be on hand to judge the cosplay contest, and SE is promising that this year’s Japan Expo FFXIV fan gathering will be an evening to remember! (From Lodestone)

Starting 6/6/2019, Make It Rain 2019 will reward Gold Saucer attendees with a 50% increase in MGP for all attractions including GATEs, minigames, and Cactpot!  Additionally, there will be major discounts on furnishings and glamour gear at the special event vendor!  For more information, visit the Lodestone!

Moogle Treasure Trove: The Hunt for Philosophy event is upon us! Beginning May 30, 2019 until the launch of 5.0, adventurers across Hydaelyn have the opportunity to obtain rare loots via Itinerant Moogles that are collecting Irregular Tomestones of Philosophy! For more information, visit:

FFXIV 5.0 Official Benchmark is up and can be downloaded here:

If you are on PS4, the video of the benchmark can be viewed here:

5.0 Shadowbringers releases July 2, 2019 with Early Access starting on June 28, 2019! 5.0 brings several job changes and two new jobs; Dancer and Gunbreaker and two new genderlocked races; Hrothgar (Male only), and Viera (Female only).

Information regarding the expansion of the NA Data Center and free world transfers has been posted to the Lodestone! Find the details here:

“Legacy of Allag” — As of patch 4.4, players no longer need to complete specific fates in order to unlock the Labyrinth of the Ancients! Instead, players must now defeat specific enemies. For more information check this link:

The crossover event of the decade is finally upon us! Tuesday, 4/16/19 begins the collaboration event between FFXIV and FFXV! Make sure to get your 4-person Regalia mount! Details can be found here and here

Free Login Campaign! From April 8 to June 17, certain players can log in for free for up to 7 days of play time! Requirements can be found at

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